TruVision Health Products: An Updated Review


Weight loss is a journey many people are struggling with. The health and wellness industry offers a wide range of products to help with each manufacturer claiming their products work. In a world where diet supplements are all over the place, you should be careful when making purchases. Do some research about products before spending money on them. Have you come across TruVision weight loss products and in doubt about their effectiveness? You are reading the right article. Below is a guide on TruVision for details.

What is Truvy (formerly Truvision)?

TruVision Health LLC based in Utah. The company offers a wide range of health products to assist users achieve different things. At present the company is in the position of changing its brand name from Truvision to Truvy.

Truvision Health provides meal replacement shakes for weight loss, detox, hydration, multivitamin, and skincare products. There is also TruVision diet pills. The manufacturer claims to utilize high quality, natural ingredients to yield various health benefits. However, when you use two or three TruVision products at ago, you boost their effectiveness.

TruVision Products

Here are several products from TruVision Health.



TruFix is one of the leading TruVision weight loss products. It contains natural ingredients that support blood chemistry.  It is usable in capsule and beverage form. A pack of pills contains 60 capsules, while a pouch of TruFix powder provides 30servings. The powder has no added sugar. It has 10 calories only, which is minimal to prevent weight gain. Besides, it incorporates natural flavors and stevia as a natural sweetener.

However, TruFix pills have a gelatin capsule. TruFix helps with metabolism regulation, energizing your body, and has antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals. On dosage, take one TruFix capsule twice in a day or two servings of the beverage daily for Tru weight loss.


Tru Control

TruControl is the other popular TruVision weight loss brand. The manufacturer claims it can give you a clearer focus, boost your energy levels, and assist you burn body fat. Like TruFix, TruControl is available in capsules and powder varieties. It suppresses your appetite too, while still giving you the energy you need to keep you going without the jitters. A bottle of TruControl capsules has 60 pills, while the powder comes in a raspberry lemonade flavor. However, TruVision Health recommends that you use TruControl and TruFix together for better results.



What does Tru Vision’s reFORM offer? With this product, you get a surge of refreshing energy. Get to recharge your day with this low-calorie product that supports your weight loss efforts. It has similar ingredients to TruControl but has a passion fruit flavor. The taste is delicious, and the flavor is natural. Reform reduces fatigue, increases bodily energy, and curbs your appetite to prevent cravings. It is also gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly. Using it is easy; all you do is mix with water, stir, and enjoy. You can use it alongside TruFix.



TruVision knows you need to be well-hydrated and have good heart health. That is why the company provides the H+H supplement. It stands for Heart and Hydration and has no sugar and contains few calories. You have four flavors to choose from watermelon, original, grape, and pink grapefruit. H+H replenishes electrolyte levels in your body to ensure various organs function, as they should. This product has no sugar or added caffeine. However, it has anti-oxidants that eliminate free radicals, which cause problems such as cell damage and inflammation.


Truvision Complete

If you have a deficiency of minerals and vitamins in your body, TruVision provides Complete multivitamins for both men and women. They are available in a pack carrying 90 soft gels to provide you with optimal health. The company offers separate Complete multivitamins for male and female users to match their varying needs. Minerals and vitamins are essential micronutrients that complete your diet to keep you healthy and strong.


Truvision Balance

You might be experiencing body ache and fatigue but you cannot find an explanation for it. Truvision’s Balance capsules help your body metabolize minerals in your meals more efficiently to prevent issues such as tiredness and muscle pain. When your body does not absorb and use minerals properly, you could struggle with unnecessary exhaustion, muscle weakness, and soreness.



Apart from Truvision pills and powder supplements, TruVision also provides delicious and nutritious multivitamins gummies called VitaFIX. The edibles provide your body with essential minerals and vitamins that support various functions. They also contain TruControl ingredients for enhanced weight loss. You get to benefit from the vitamins and the blood chemistry that TruControl provides.


TruVision Weight Loss Products - rePLACE

RePLACE is a protein and probiotic powder, which you mix with water to make a meal replacement shake. It is available in two flavors brownie mix and vanilla bean. It is vegan and free of soy, dairy, and whey protein. TruVision utilizes all-natural ingredients in making this product.  It is rich in enough nutrients to replace your meals and keep you energized for the day.

For example, it has 16g of protein that keeps you feeling full for longer. To foster weight loss, the product has 185 calories only. It has no cholesterol and incorporates 6g of fiber that keeps hunger at bay and support a healthy gut. The 10billion CFU probiotics keep your digestive tract healthy to prevent problems such as gas and constipation. Both flavors contain vitamins and minerals to nourish your body for the better, not forgetting digestive enzymes, such as bromelain, amylase, and papain.


TruVision Weight Loss Products - Renu

If you are looking for a detoxifying supplement, ReNU is one of them. It assists your body get rid of toxins through seven elimination channels for improved gut health and enhanced weight management. ReNu is available in a 30 capsule container, and the pills are vegetarian. Take one capsule per serving.


TruVision Weight Loss Products - TruSLUMBER

Are you having trouble sleeping? TruSLUMBER might help you get a good night sleep. It comes in two forms, capsules and gummies. The natural ingredients in these products help you relax. Take the gummies during the day to help you focus and the capsules for sleep at night. They contain lemon balm and chamomile for a calming effect and melatonin for relaxing sleep.

How TruVision Weight Loss Products Works

Truvision works by boosting metabolism, which means you burn more calories to foster weight loss. The brand also supports fat burning processes. Your body gets to use fat deposits for energy to reduce your weight. That is not all. Truvision suppresses your appetite. It keeps hunger pangs at bay to curb cravings.

Truvision Health’ 7-day sample pack

Apart from the single products we have talked about earlier, TruVision offers a 7-day sample pack going at $29. It is a great trial pack that comes with TruFix and TruControl supplements. With this pack, you have a week to establish if TruVision products work for you or not. The company claims that this bundle can assist you lose 4-7lbs in one week.

TruVision weight loss reviews

From TruVision reviews online, buyers are satisfied with TruVision saying it has helped them shed excess pounds and sustain a healthy weight. TruControl and TruFix are popular brands helping users lose weight, suppress their appetites, burn fatter, and boost metabolism. The products have no side effects when used appropriately. For those who say TruVision did not work for them, one explanation is that our bodies react differently to dietary products.

Benefits of TruVision Weight Loss Products

We have already mentioned some of the benefits of TruVision products. They support weight loss through increasing metabolism, boosting fat-burning, and suppressing your appetite. The caffeine in some of the products keeps users alert so they can focus if need be. The products are great for mental and physical health. With more energy levels, you remain active and burn fat for weight loss. A suppressed appetite prevents you from snacking on unhealthy meals.

Side Effects of TruVision Weight Loss Products

TruVision does not pose any side effects. Most of the ingredients are safe, but some are not if consumed in high amounts. For example, too much caffeine can cause you the jitters and an increased heart rate. Therefore, make sure you follow the recommended dosage. Check the ingredients of the Truvision product you want to purchase to ensure you are not intolerant or allergic to any of them. The other ingredient is green tea extract, which in excess amounts could cause headache, insomnia, nausea, and diarrhea.

TruVision Product Warnings and Lawsuits

TruVision does not offer any warnings for any of its products. However, whichever product you choose, follow the instructions, and be patient with your body. Do not compare your progress with someone else’s because our bodies respond differently to diet supplements. If TruVison does not cause the effect you want in your body, stop using it, and try another brand.

The FDA has contacted TruVision twice in 2015 and 2019 about some of the ingredients they use and claims they made about their products curing, preventing, and treat diseases. Besides, the company has faced complaints about collections billing, and problems with their products or services. Some of them were settled in 2019.

There is no weight loss supplement on the market that works overnight, including TruVision. You did not gain weight in a day. Avoid manufacturers with such claims. Besides using these products, make sure you exercise and eat healthy food to enhance your chances of achieving your fitness goals.


Losing weight can be tough, but it is doable. As you search for products to assist you to achieve a lean, healthy physique, make sure you go for high-quality brands that use natural ingredients with no questionable components. TruVision is one of the companies offering a wide range of health and wellness products. Their TruFix and TruControl supplements might help you lose weight.  Unless you try the products, you cannot tell if they are effective for you. Remember, there is a 7-day sample pack at an affordable price to get you started with your weight loss journey.