A Chromebook is a portable PC that runs Google’s Chrome working framework (Chrome OS) as opposed to Windows or OS X. It offers virtually the same experience as utilizing the prominent Chrome web program, which you may well as of now use on a Windows PC or portable workstation, however with a couple of additional elements added to the blend.


There are numerous likenesses over the accessible models, with a by and large standard console design and screen determination, and quick bootup times, yet those with particular needs ought to even now capable discover a machine to suit them.

Asus C300M

The Asus C300M is the most appealing alternative. The C300 extends the Vista to 13in, making this model one of the biggest Chromebooks accessible. It has 16GB SSD, 2GB RAM, incorporated Intel illustrations, all under the direction of an Intel Bay-Trail Celeron 2.16GHz double center processor. This plan functions admirably, with the C300M moving along at an enduring clasp when taking a shot at files, scanning the web, and listening to gushed music.

HP Chromebook 14

There’s a considerable measure to like about the HP Chromebook 14. It’s huge, decent to utilize, and offers something somewhat diverse to Chromebook clients. We’d like to see an enhanced screen quality to make truly it emerge, and perhaps a firmer console, yet if you need a bigger approach to appreciating ChromeOS then this is an awesome spot to begin.

Acer Chromebook 13

Acer knows how to make great, strong, solid Chromebooks, and this model is no exemption. The execution was constantly not too bad, the screen size is an appreciated expansion, and the long battery life makes it an awesome choice for voyaging. It’s only a disgrace that the presentation board doesn’t exactly coordinate up to that of the Toshiba Chromebook 2, which is comparable estimated yet offers a wealthier affair. On the off chance that you can acknowledge the screen, however, the Acer Chromebook 13 is an exceptionally decent machine that will take care of business.

Asus Chromebook Flip C100PA

In case you’re searching for a modest convertible that doesn’t feel shoddy, then the C100PA ought to go to the highest priority on your rundown. In Chromebook terms, it’s one of the best we’ve utilized, however just in case you’re content with a little screen. Street warriors will value the long battery life and lightweight skeleton while other people could soon get themselves bewildered by its configuration style and simple execution.

Toshiba Chromebook 2

In case you’re cheerful to live in the cloud for the dominant part of your assignments, then Toshiba’s Chromebook 2 is right now an ideal approach to do it. The gadget is light, quick, and that screen is justified regardless of the cash alone. Chromebooks are rapidly transitioning, and this Toshiba model is something that could without much of a stretch change over an army of fans to the always enhancing ChromeOS universe.

Dell Chromebook 11 (3120)

Dell comprehends what it’s doing with regards to Chromebooks. This new, rough model has a bounty to offer as far as rate and sturdiness; however, you don’t feel like you’re yielding much consequently. With the long battery life and one of a kind waterproofing highlight, it seems like a gadget that is worked to last, which is great as you’ll need to continue utilizing it for quite a while to come.

Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB30-B-104

One of our most loved spending plan portable PCs, the Toshiba Chromebook 2 is the best spending plan Chromebook you can purchase if you jump at the chance to multitask. It’s had Full HD screen, which gives you an opportunity to put two windows easily one next to the other without squashing both of them. It’s a little bigger than the Chromebooks, with a 13.3″ case, meaning it is more agreeable and usable than the customary 11in Chromebook. Efficient it ain’t an issue; however, the screen is an immense offering point for us.

Google Chromebook Pixel 2015

The Pixel line of Chromebooks should show an ideal Chromebook experience. At £799 for the base model, you’d acknowledge nothing less. The Pixel is too intense for Chrome OS, however with heaps of tabs open and media-substantial pages on the up, power should, as much as possible. It’s a brilliantly planned 12.9in gadget that weighs only 1.5kg and endured almost 11 hours in our battery benchmarking test. Website pages load in a snap, and we never found the Pixel chugging along. In case you’re a forced client yet stick to web program based undertakings, this is a definitive Chromebook.