The Ethics of Voluntarism


Are you a nurse, healthcare provider, dentist, doctor, physical therapist or veterinarian having an interest in serving the community in ways that most people cannot even imagine of? Even if you are a student doing pre med, pre veterinarian or pre dental or medical professional considering enhancing skill set to gain experience in community across the globe, then considering medical volunteer abroad trip is the best. This offers perfect chance to volunteer abroad and you can also invest your specialized skills hard –earned for people who lack proper access to advance medical care.

Voluntourism ethics to be considered

There are ethics of voluntourism that should be considered while choosing a project and these include:

  • Actual program cost
  • Affordable volunteering organization
  • Fundraising ideas

Generally, the medical volunteer abroad projects are affordable and there will be several placements available for below $300 a week. Prior to considering, prepare a list of countries you may be interested in volunteering abroad and do a research about visiting the country and its costs of living, the visa availability, its cost and the time you need to stay and if you zero-in on a country, why that country.

Prepare a list of the essential qualities that are expected in a medical volunteer abroad project, such as the working ability with a local medical professional or even to work on your own medical specialty. Thus, while you survey, highlight the projects that fit closely with that you wish to get from a volunteer program.

Another very important point is to keep an open mind. This is because; some projects that you do not even wish to consider initially may at the end fit you the best.  Volunteering in a foreign country for most people is about those things they have never done ever before and so they get into expanding school buildings or start teaching English. These are incredible projects useful to the community, but if possible consider a different role as a volunteer, such as a healthcare or medical volunteer abroad.

What changes it brings

Medical volunteer abroad changes life more than one expects. There is no need for one to be highly skilled to find into the volunteering program, but it definitely means you have to be helpful to you and the host community. Thus, appropriately skill is required so that you contribute to the projects such that there is a net positive benefit from you to the host community. Importantly, you also must be diligent while researching volunteering organizations.

Ethical Volunteering

  • Proper training is mandatory for volunteers or else they can end up as a burden to the health organization. Well-prepared volunteers can make high-impact difference. Besides before traveling as medical volunteer abroad, you must be familiarized with target communities and also about their local culture.
  • Volunteers going abroad must be competent enough to handle their duties and this includes completing even the basic medical tasks or education. Volunteers incompetent harm more as they interfere with medical care. Thus, medical volunteer abroad must have international development knowledge and best global health practices.
  • Depending on their expertise area, volunteers can maximize the impact, yet as medical volunteer abroad, you should not provide or assure medical services beyond your level of expertise.
  • Volunteers educated about global health prove to be valuable observers and are able to witness initiatives in action, besides drawing conclusions about failures or inequities in global health systems.

Medical volunteer abroad are incredibly encouraging as people suffering in developing areas are attended by good networks and are offered high and effective assistance to health programs. Thus following the ethics of voluntarism ensures success to the grassroots effort.


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