Fake Eyelashes: Dangerous Side Effects and How to Avoid


An ingenious way of accenting your eyes and glamming up your look quickly is by making false eyelashes. If you have ever possessed them naturally, you could have found that they not only look great but also a staple of femininity. Even though fake eyelashes help, you may need to add more beauty to the natural lashes but not just fake extensions. The eyelashes extension kits can be obtained from a local pharmacy which comprises adhesive glue. However, the kits contain some toxins such as formaldehyde. According to the clinical studies, this is a chemical that potentially harms your eye’s health.

Fortunately, you can avoid the low-quality ingredient’s fake eyelashes by opting for very expensive lash extensions from the lash salon. But, just get prepared to pay hundreds of dollars for a temporary set which will last for a few weeks.

Apart from the limitations highlighted, fake lashes have many pitfalls. The following are six hazards of using fake eyelashes and how to avoid them by using the One Two Cosmetics:


Fake Eyelashes: It Damages Your Eyes

Have you ever worn fake eyelashes? If yes, you may have realized that beauty accessories are not comfortable. By applying the lashes, it will lead to toxic and even incredibly messy glue on your skin. In fact, the application process involves the use of sharp objects close to your eyes. As a result, it will lead to the loss of natural lash. Recent studies have indicated that a variety of eye problems are caused by wearing, application, and removal of fake eyelashes. The harm caused by the eyelashes includes the erosion of cornea, redness, allergies, hemorrhaging, and even chronic inflammation in the eye.

Fake Eyelashes: You Can Pay a Huge Price Tag

By having craved full lashes on a daily basis for a whole week, you will definitely consider visiting a posh salon. At that place, you will find that there is a slew of specialists who will apply different sections of extenders to the natural lashes. Per every sitting, the approximate cost of this service ranges from $150 to $200. For you to maintain the temporary lash, you will have to incur the cost thrice a month. Whereas it is very expensive, most of the women end up spending thousands of dollars in order to maintain the lavish temporary look.

Fake Eyelashes: The Tools Used are Very Risky

Without the help of tools, it is very hard to apply fake eyelashes at home. It is recommended that eyelash curlers, tweezers as well as other sharp objects should be used. Since the tools are hazardous, it will cause permanent damage to the delicate skin, your eyes as well as your vision.

Fake Eyelashes: Removal of the Fake Eyelashes is Painful 

It might not be easier for you to go back to your natural look after batting your lovely lashes. In fact, it could be ultra-painful to remove the conventional fake eyelashes. While tugging the lashes away from the delicate lash line, it will reap and tear your skin. Thus, it causes the falling of the lashes.
Fake Eyelashes

Fake Eyelashes: It is Time-Consuming

If you want to apply fake eyelashes, you will need a lot of time. Purchasing, preparation, and application of the false lashes will cost you approximately three hours.

Fake Eyelashes: There is Extra Pulling and Touching

One of the advantages of the fake eyelashes is that they add thicker and fuller look on the eyelashes. However, the only way of attaching the false lashes to the natural lashes is by gluing them. As this is a sensitive area, you will end up tugging the natural lashes repeatedly. This will cause extra pulling and touching which are the common causes of lash sparsity and breakage.

One Two Cosmetics option

As highlighted, the false lashes have many risks and should be avoided. One to lash is mainly designed so as to eliminate the costly trips to the lash salon and the toxic adhesives.

How to apply One Two Cosmetics:

The initial step is to remove the lash from the box. Consequently, hold it above the topmost lash line of the eye. The next step is to align the corners of the edges of the One Two Cosmetics on the natural lash line and then set the lash down. Thereafter, the edges of the bottom One Two Cosmetics are aligned with your natural lashes’ lines corners. By doing so, the micro magnets will automatically sandwich the natural lashes. For you to secure your one two lashes’ position, you will need to blink a few times.

How to remove the One Two Lashes

Unlike the false eyelashes, it is very easy to remove the one-two lashes. With your index finger and thumb, take a soft pad and simply slide the one to lashes apart.