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Alcohol and Health: What is the Secrets Behind | A Pleasure Or Silent Killer

Alcohol and Health A Pleasure Or Silent Killer

What is Alcohol? Probably you are so familiar with it that you may never think about such a question. But what if someone asks you about alcohol? Can you say anything regarding that? In simple terms, the answer would be like alcohol is a drink, or it is something we get from drinks! But, there are more to know, many deeper facts to learn. Although, you don’t have to worry about it. Here, we are going to talk about everything you would love to learn. We will let you know the connection and balance between alcohol and health. Just think about it, what if your drink is giving you pleasure and silently taking your life away? No one certainly wants that. Let’s jump into the research to see the evidence.

Overview of Alcohol

Alcohol is a chemical compound that comes with pretty complicated formula. As a drinker, you don’t even have to look at them. The alcohol you are drinking is known as ethanol or ethyl alcohol.  

As for the production, alcohol usually comes from fermenting sugar sources. Natural sugar sources are different types of fruits or grains. In terms of usagealcohol can be used as drugs. It has many features to resolve different physical issues.  

Surprisingly, a limited portion of its mixture can be used as drinks, which is the most popular usage. Many types of beverages are made of alcohol that becomes part of the culture and regular life. But, there are many risks of taking more than a human body can handle. Because of it, most countries have multiple laws of alcohol usage. By nowyou should get a good grip on alcohol. Let’s get into the next part, where we will discuss the drinking limit.  

Alcohol Use: How Much Alcohol Is Safe to Drink? 

Let’s talk about drinking alcohol and its suitable amount limit. Alcohol has a high reaction to the human body. While drinking it, you have to maintain the balance between alcohol and health. Although, it depends on several factors. Let’s have a look at some of the important factors below. 

  • Age 
  • Sex 
  • Weight 
  • Climate 
  • Health Condition 
  • Genetic condition 
  • Medical Recommendation 

Depending on all these facts, a person has to follow guidance from professionals and experts. In that case, taking a singldrink is ideal for women, while a double drink is good for a man. As for the portion comparison, follow the comparison of the weight below. 

  • Wine: 5 ounces or 148 ml 
  • Bear: 12 ounces or 355 ml 
  • Distilled Spirit: 1.5 ounces or 44 ml 

In some cases, it may change depending on those mentioned factors. You should talk to a medical expert for exclusive suggestions.  

What are The Positive Sides to Alcohol for Health? 

A recommended amount of alcohol is pretty good for health from many perspectives. Following that, we will talk about some of the positive effects of alcohol on maintaining physical and mental conditions. Picking an interest already? Could you have a look at them below? 

Heart Condition and Cold Disease 

Alcohol increases different types of HDLLipoprotein, and Cholesterol that improves the heart condition significantly. It prevents many known heart diseases and enhances blood circulation. It also stated that drinking red wine reduces the chance of having a cold by 60%.  


Many research pieces have shown that taking a limited alcohol portion every day increases the expected lifespan noticeably. It shows that drinking alcohol regularly with a suitable amount lowers down the dying risk by 18%.  

Libido Improvement

Recent researches have shown that people with regular and moderate alcohol drinking have 25-30 less erectile dysfunction. It is not only an important advantage but also a satisfactory boost to the mental condition.  

Mental Improvement

It is pretty well known and accepted for decades that alcohol helps you deal with the mental situation. Its drug element is pretty effective against anxiety, depression, overthinking, and more. 

How Much Alcohol Is Safe to Drink

How Much Alcohol Is Too Much? 

It is hard to define the exact amount of alcohol for risk factors. Some people may adapt to it, that the effect will be pretty low on them. Although, it will not be the same for most people. As we have mentioned, a moderate portion of alcohol is good for health; taking more than that is the effective starting point. As an example, taking more than 4 drinks within two hours is considered high-drinking. In that case, we have mentioned some factors, and you should consider them.  

As you know, alcohol has twice the effect on woman than man, and it affects more with the agesWhenever you start to get bad symptoms in your body, make sure to go for a checkup. Usually, it means that you are going over the limit of your body.  

Risks of Heavy Alcohol Use

You have got the good part of alcohol. Now it is time to learn some of the bad parts here. Let’s see the other side of the coin for alcohol. You will be surprised for sure. 


It is not only the first fact; it is the most important dark side of having alcohol. Alcohol takes your sense temporarily and removes the ability to think. It may feel like pleasure, but that makes you break all the social or governmental laws. Without a doubtalcohol is one of the major reasons for the growing number of crimes in the world. Killing, stealing, assaulting, wrong driving, accidents, robberyand so on are all passive incidents because of alcohol. 

Sexual Dissatisfaction

Having more than moderate alcohol effectively reduces libido and makes sexual hormones weak. The effect increases day by day. Growing divorce, break up, parental failure are some of the social issues caused by the mentioned reason. 

Weak Health and Immune System

Alcohol produces too much fat that becomes a problem for the heart and the liver, kidney, digestive system and other functional parts of the human body. There are quite a few practices that may be good for your liver, but most of the time, it goes pretty wrong. Taking more alcohol effectively hampers the liver and decreases its capability.  

Alcohol’s effects on the body don’t stop there. Furthermore, it significantly destroys the immune system and welcomes many minor and major diseases. Anxiety, high blood pressure, tremors, depression, and nervousness result from having too much alcohol in your body. On top of that, it even provokes different types of cancer like breast cancer.  


So, what are you thinking? Planning to maintain a balanced alcohol drink or no care about it? If you are still hesitant, then let us help you with a quick summary. It is true that alcohol and health are connected. Taking alcohol is also good for health, and we get it naturally from different types of daily foods. But, it is possible that getting a little bit more will help you a bit better. Regarding that, experts have given their verdict on how much is acceptable and effective in a good way.  

On the other hand, having more alcohol will cause nothing but serious damage to your health, family, and society. With a little pleasure, you have to sacrifice all the good things around you along with happiness. You can cause crimes that will become a regret for a lifetime. It not only destroys your health but also takes away your sense of living. So, be careful and aware of taking alcohol at any point in your life 

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