One Two Cosmetics Lashes: You Need to Try These


When it comes to what’s hot in beauty products right now, One Two Cosmetics is in every beauty editor’s line of sight firstly, because they’re wearing One Two Cosmetics’ false eyelashes, and secondly. After all, One Two Cosmetics’ lashes are like nothing they’ve ever used before.

The secret to One Two Cosmetic’ lashes is that they are 100% magnetic, 0% messy glue. Which means no fastened together fingers, and no diploma in beauty therapy to apply them. Finally, someone has designed a real solution to those seemingly possessed false lashes that we’ve been battling to master for years.

Known as One Two Lash, One Two Cosmetic’s innovative patented magnetic design will have even the most beauty inept beaming from behind lush, gorgeous eyelashes in just minutes.

One Two Cosmetics: The Birth of One Two Lash

One day in the shower, where some of the best inventions happen, Katy Stoka had a flash of genius – what if false lashes could be fastened using tiny magnets?  She was constantly seeking effortless ways to be chic but had always battled the difficult, and not to mention the time-consuming process of trying to apply false eyelashes.

Out of this vision, the former real-estate developer decided to create One Two Cosmetics, a company that would fight for effortless beauty by utilizing technology and cutting edge innovation. One Two Lash would be its first product. Katy took to not only designing these never-before-seen lashes but also throwing herself into inventing the magical micro-magnetic technology behind them.


It’s a good thing that she followed her gut. Last year, Allure crowned One Two Cosmetics’ One Two Lash the Breakthrough Innovative Beauty Product of the year, and beauty editors nationwide are calling One Two Cosmetics’ One Two Lash “a beauty game-changer.”

Why Magnetic Lashes?

If you’ve ever battled a demonic micro-bottle of lash glue, a pair of tweezers, and a fiddly pair of lashes, it’s probably more like, why not?

And, One Two Cosmetics’ lashes have multiple things going for them:

  1. They’re SIMPLE to apply. One Two Lash is completely glue-free. They harness only the power of tiny magnets that click together, effectively “sandwiching” your natural lashes.
  2. They’re reusable. Because they use no glue, One Two Lashes are completely reusable. Remove them carefully and take good care of them, and each pair will last you a long time.
  3. They’re cost-effective. Because of their reusability, One Two Lashes are considerably cheaper than single-use false lashes or semi-permanent lash extensions.
    One Two Cosmetics

How To Use One Two Lash

One Two Cosmetics has designed false lashes that anyone can use. But do put a little practice time aside to get to know your One Two Lash product first. Then, if you have an important day, it’ll be as simple as a clip and go!

Each of One Two Cosmetics’ lashes is actually made up of two finer strips of lashes. Together, they will create one luscious lash. Each of these lash strips is embedded with a tiny magnetic strip.

To apply One Two Lash, you’ll first take the top lash strip and rest its outside edge gently over your natural lash line. Then, you’ll pick up the bottom lash and place it under your own eyelash until the tiny magnets. Line up and click together, hugging your own lash between them.

To remove One Two Lash, take your index finger and thumb and gently slide the two magnets away from each other. Take care of the removal process, as you’ll want to keep the shape of your lashes intact so that you can reuse them again and again.

A Spectacular Summer With One Two Cosmetics

One Two Cosmetics is set to make your summer beauty routine the best it’s ever been. When you can apply thick, beautiful lashes this quickly, you’ll be able to easily pop them on for any summer festivity –  barbecues, brunches, or post-swim happy hours.

One Two Cosmetics offers three different types of lashes in its One Two Lash range:

  • Original – for lush-but-natural looking lashes;
  • Bold – with extra daring length and volume for ultra-glamor; and
  • Accent – for giving just the outer corners of your lash line a striking lift. So, whatever you’re up to, there’s always a lash that will suit the occasion.


What are people in the beauty industry saying about them?  Well, everyone from Allure to Teen Vogue and Today have been raging about One Two Cosmetics.

One Two Eye, One Two Skin, and One Two Lip will soon join the One Two Cosmetics’ “effortless beauty” range. The only question? What incredible product will Katy Stoka dream up next?

You can learn more about One Two Cosmetics through their company profile on Linkedin.