TruVision is a renowned company that deals in the production of health and wellness products. They have a wide variety of products under their belt and they have been in this industry for quite a while now. The company has a strong policy regarding the health of their users and that is part of the reason that all their products are made of natural and approved ingredients. There are some reviews online but this TruVision review will go a little deeper, review the ingredients and reveal their consequences.

Something you might miss by reading TruVision reviews by users only is that the company was summoned by the FDA back in 2015 for one ingredient it had included in its products. The ingredient, DMBA, which is not considered harmful was removed and the FDA gave TruVision the green light to continue with its business. This is a regular occurrence in this industry as the FDA checks for compliance.

Some of the main products on the company’s itinerary include: truSlumber which is designed to help people who have sleeping problems, truFix which improves the make-up of users’ blood and overall body health and truWeight which aids to reduce weight in a healthy manner. Some of the most successful products sold and produced by the company are truFix and truControl which will be the focus of this review.

All About truFix

This product from TruVision is created to enhance the levels of cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood and to ensure that the liver is working optimally. The ingredients found in truFix are:

– Alpha Lipoic Acid – Results from a study done in 2008 proved that Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) has the ability to improve the antioxidant levels and reduce inflammation. This compound is also found in some vegetables, meat and fruits.

– Chromium – Chromium is another natural ingredient that is contained in truFix. It also naturally occurs in some fish species, eggs, meat and herbs. Chromium helps to synthesis cholesterol among other functions.

– Raspberry Ketones – This ingredient has been found to have capabilities of burning fat. Another important function of Raspberry Ketones is that it helps to prevent the build-up of plaque in artery walls.

– Magnesium – Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body. Magnesium helps to regulate blood pressure and keep the glucose in the blood at optimum levels.

– Copper – Copper is also an ingredient in truFix. Copper is known for its anti-oxidant nature, helps the body to create red blood cells and keeps the immune system healthy

These are all the ingredients that are found in truFix and true to their course they are all natural and crucial for various functions of the body.

All About truControl

This product also from TruVision is targeted at people who want to improve their metabolism and reduce their body weight. The ingredients that are in truControl help to reduce appetite, increase energy and at the same time reduce the amount of fat in the body. These ingredients include:

– Caffeine – Apart from the mind alertness and sharpness that is normally associated with caffeine it also has other benefits. Caffeine has been found to improve metabolism and improve the process of burning fats.

– Green tea extract – The green tea extract also improves metabolism and the oxidation of fat.

– Cocoa powder – Cocoa powder is known for its ability to improve blood circulation as well as regulate blood pressure.

– Yohimbine – Yohimbine is another ingredient that is contained in truControl. This is an alkaloid that is obtained from a tree called Pausinylstalia yohimbe. This ingredient is most probably included in truControl because it has fat-burning properties that work even on slim people. Yohimbine also has other benefits on the body such as treating erectile dysfunction, reducing anxiety among many other benefits.


It is refreshing to see a company in the wellness industry that puts the health of users as their first priority as opposed to taking shortcuts which has become the norm in this sphere. All the ingredients used in these two products that we have highlighted are natural and approved for use by the relevant authorities. The best way to make a sound judgment on their products is to not only read a TruVision review but to try the products for yourself. When you try these products, remember that everybody has different types of bodies and therefore the expectations might be different.