Herbalife Shake Reviews: Benefits, Side Effects & More


Herbalife Nutrition is the Multi-Level-Marketing which deals with the production of weight management supplements and many other products. The Herbalife Nutrition Company was founded by Mark Hughes in the year 1980 in Los Angeles California. Most of its businesses are done by distributors. There are many Herbalife Reviews out there Online but we believe our review on Herbalife has covered up everything you need to know about this shake.

Herbalife Shake

Herbalife shake is a meal replacement shake that is used to control and manage body weight in a healthy way. It has low calories thus meant to be fit for human use. According to Herbalife reviews from the many people who have used it, they get awesome and great results.

Herbalife Ingredients

Herbalife ingredients are all artificial, the following are the Herbalife ingredients:

  • Soya protein isolate
  • Fructose.
  • Oat fiber.
  • Milk protein.
  • Soya oil.
  • Insulin.
  • Corn Bran.
  • Xanthan gum.
  • Silicon dioxide.
  • Flavorings.

Herbalife Shake Ingredients

The following are the Herbalife shake ingredients:

  • Calories.
  • Artificial sweeteners.
  • Fibers
  • Soya protein.
  • Vitamins and minerals.
  • Fresh fruit.
  • Ice.

Nutrition Facts About the Herbalife Shakes

Herbalife shakes has been made with some of the essential ingredients required by the body for proper functioning. Herbalife shakes ingredients are made artificially in the laboratory. Let’s see how effective they are.

The following are the nutrition facts from the substances included here:


One serving of Herbalife shake consists 3g of fiber, which is the recommendable amount for the body to work well. As per health benefits, the fibers always help the body during digestion and it also ensures that toxins have been removed from the body a.


Sweeteners have been added to the Herbalife shakes, sugars are added in forms of fructose and sucralose but it mostly depends on the flavor or taste of the Herbalife shake. Fructose is always not good for personal health, it is known to increase the chances of getting cardiovascular and heart disease. The sweeteners do not have any benefits to your body they are just added to improve the taste of the Herbalife shake.

Protein sources

Soy protein isolate is the main source of protein in the Herbalife shakes. One serving always contains 9 g of proteins. This source of protein is not much good to the body, some studies reveal that too much accumulation of soy protein isolate is harmful to the body and cause even brain damage. The proteins in the Herbalife shake is known to cause health issues such as hormonal imbalances and mood swings.


Each serving of Herbalife shakes contains 90 calories. This will work well with your body if you tend to take the shake with water only. When the shake is mixed with low-fat milk the calories tend to increase up to 170.

Vitamins and minerals

The Herbalife shakes contains a total of 21 vitamins and minerals which are of much aid in the body. From these vitamins and minerals, you are in a position of obtaining the nutrients your body requires from the Herbalife shakes.

Herbalife ingredients are artificial, none of the Herbalife products is made from natural products. This is quite disadvantageous because they are not GMO-free.

Herbalife Shake Taste

There is a wide range of Herbalife shake tastes you can choose from. According to the Herbalife shake reviews, a large number of users don’t like the Herbalife Formula 1 shakes. The different tastes enable the user to shift from one taste to the one they think is best for them.

The tastes available are mint chocolate, French vanilla, orange crème, banana caramel wild berry, café latte among many more others.

Herbalife Shake Recipes

The following are the steps you should follow when you want to make a Herbalife shake:

Step 1: take 2 tablespoonsful of the nutritional powder of your choice.

Step 2: you need to add extra protein at least 3 tablespoonfuls of personalized protein powder.

Step 3: choose what to add either low-fat milk, diluted fruit juice or even yogurt.

Step 4: blend or just shake.

It is now ready for use. Preparing Herbalife shakes is very easy.

Herbalife Shake Products

Herbalife formula1

This is a meal replacement herbal shake product that is used to control body weight by curbing hunger. It contains the necessary nutrients that they requirements for proper functioning. It is always available in all tastes and flavors.

Benefits of Herbalife formula 1

  • As per it reviews not all people seem to gain benefits from this product, it can fail to work on certain bodies.
  • It manages body weight by reducing excess weight.
  • It contains nutrients that help the body’s functioning.
  • It is easy to prepare and use.
  • It curbs hunger and controls cravings so as to reduce meal taking.

Side effects associated with Herbalife Formula 1

  • It is associated with headaches as the body tries to adapt to this product.
  • Some ingredients cause allergies to some people.

Herbalife protein drink mix

This Herbalife shake has been packed with essential vitamins and minerals. It helps in weight management in a healthy way. It is available in all tastes and flavors.

Benefits of Herbalife protein drink mix

  • It curbs hunger for a long thus ensuring that you remain full of the required nutrients.
  • It has essential vitamins and minerals that are required for the body to function well.
  • It can be taken at any time of the day.

Side effects

  • The product responds badly to other people’s bodies.

Herbalife nutrition formula1 express meal bar

It is packed with 21 vitamins and minerals together with the essential nutrients needed by the body. It is always available in many tastes and flavors. It is in bar form and it can be prepared by mixing it with low-fat milk.

Benefits of Herbalife nutrition formula 1 express bar

  • It can be used at any time of the day.
  • It is easy to prepare.
  • It contains the most essential nutrients required by the body.

Side effects

  • Some people say that when they take them,they get a choky taste.

Herbalife nutrition personalized protein powder

This is a high-quality protein blend that improves your weight loss and provides you with the most essential nutrients required by the body. It makes you feel full for a long time and at the same build your body. It is always available in many tastes.


  • Satisfies hunger as you are not feeling hungry.
  • It builds lean muscles.
  • It maintains your body muscles.
  • It provides essential nutrients for the body.

Side effects

  • It has sweeteners which are capable of causing heart disease

Herbalife Shake Reviews

Herbalife nutrition kid’s shake

This is the healthy powder that will help your kid’s bowel function well and enable the removal of toxins from their stomachs. It is mostly availed in chocolate taste because of the kids like the flavor of chocolate mostly.


  • It cleans your kids’ bowel and supports its functioning.
  • It is best for the kids’ nutritional essentials.

Side effects

  • It has sugar which is not good for health.

Herbalife H3O fitness drink

It contains 60 calories and 12g of sugar. It aids in body weight control and it also available in all tastes.


  • It is packed with minerals and vitamins which play an important role in the body.
  • It does not contain any fats the best for body weight management.

Side effects

  • The high amounts of sugar lead to increased chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Herbalife formula 3 cell activator

This Herbalife product has nutrients that contain alpha lipoic acid that provides antioxidants ensuring good health in the body. It is available in tablet form and it is also in all tests.


  • It is packed with the essential nutrients the body requires.
  • It helps in good health maintenance.

Side effects

  • It reacts negatively in other people’s bodies.

Herbalife formula 2 multivitamin complex

This product is meant to supply the essential minerals and vitamins that help one reduce weight as well as gain strong bones and a boosted immune system.


  • It supports weight m, management.
  • Has the essential minerals and vitamins for the body.

Side effects

  • It has not been scientifically proved.

Formula 1 nutritional shake mix

Herbalife shakes recipes thoughtfully thought of bringing up this all test shake mix. It can be used by both men and women to aid in the improvement of digestion and also the management of weight as well as boosting the immune system.


  • It has health benefits to your body.
  • It is capable of managing stress at some point.

Side effects 

  • It has a high sugar concentration which is not good for the heart.

Herbalife formula 1 kit mix

This is a special form of Herbalife mix which can be used for more than one purpose.it is available mostly in vanilla taste.


  • Maintains good health and weight loss.

Other Products by Herbalife

Herbalife does not specialize only on shakes that manage body weight it also produces other product that is effective to the body. The following are some of the other products produced by Herbalife:

Formula 2 multivitamin complex:which comprises of 21 nutrients and vitamins which are essential to the body. It is produced in tablet form.

Personalized protein powder:It is meant to provide the body with proteins that help the in muscle growth.it is availed in powder form.

Formula 3 cell activator: They help the body in nutrients absorptions. In one container there is a maximum of 60 tablets.

Herbalife 24 rebuild strength: It requires muscles and also improves muscle growth, it is available in tablet form.

Price of Herbalife Shake

Herbalife Company always sells their products through distributors, they don’t engage in online selling. Prices tend to vary as per the tastes. The prices are very affordable for a meal replacement. For instance, the vanilla formula 1 shake cost about $40.00 in the amazon.com.

Herbalife  Reviews

Many people who have tried the Herbalife products have come out and confirmed hoe fruitful the products are. The product seems to be working differently in different individuals’ bodies. As it is known to interfere with hormonal changes, some customers have complained about their hormones getting imbalanced.


The Herbalife shakes are good for a person looking for a meal replacement that will help them reduce weight at the same time get they acquire the main nutrients they need for the body. According to the Herbalife shake reviews, this product mostly increases energy and brings in confidence.