HealthworxCBD Review: A Complete Guide for Prospective Customers


With the rate of opioid addiction in America at an all-time high, many have turned to CBD for the relief of pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and the likes. HealthworxCBD is one brand that has distinguished itself amidst its counterparts in the ever-growing CBD industry.

Maintaining one’s mental health in times of excessive stress can prove a daunting task. Picking out the right products to entrust our health and well-being is one difficult decision that must not be taken lightly. Also, there is a need to find the perfect product for the right price while at it.

HealthworxCBD Oil has notably yielded good results with an influx of testimonies from various customers across the country. Grown and nurtured in Colorado, HealthworxCBD products are one of the most reliable around town.

Nowadays, the internet is littered with fake reviews from anonymous accounts to paint every CBD brand as the ultimate. However, this article will act as an unbiased guide as you set out to find perfect CBD Products for your personal use. Read on to find out if the HealthworxCBD is worth the hype.

About HealthworxCBD

Birthed in the city of Colorado, HealthworxCBD has been established as one of the leading CBD companies in the United States hemp industry. Over the years, they have churned out unique CBD Products consistently. This places them right up there among their rivals in the industry.

There is a wide range of CBD products available, including capsules, tinctures, pet oils, THC-free options, topicals, and less general merchandise such as shatter and CBD crystals. Following in the footsteps of other Colorado CBD brands, HealthworxCBD is well-known for its high-quality, domestic hemp source and top-notch CBD extraction methods.

On establishment, HealthworxCBD pledged to offer the best CBD products while maintaining a transparent profile and prioritizing the needs of its customers. In all fairness, they have not fared poorly in their bid to keep up with their already laid down gesture.

With a mouth-watering discount of 15% for the rather poor families, veterans, and seniors, they are staying true to their pledge. Also, they provide extensive CBD education resources on their blog.

HealthworxCBD products are passed fit and safe for use. The efficacy testing of its products is carried out by third-party heavy metals and pesticides. However, the company does not offer detailed test results of third-party institutions the benefits. The published results are often unclear, constituting incorrect information about what type of CBD extract is present in some of its products.

HealthworxCBD Product Highlights

HealthworxCBD Oil

Available in 500mg, 1500mg, and 5000mg bottles, this brand has got the best interest of its customers at heart. You are afforded the opportunity of choosing the exact bottle size of your desire. The HealthworxCBD Oil is light and clear in color, indicating that it is colorless.  Its taste is exactly like that of standard, hemp-plant produce. They have no extra additives or flavorings.

Like most CBD brands, their products are tested-and-trusted. It is very pocket-friendly with better alternative tinctures, which helps in obtaining all hemp benefits.

Healthworx CBD Oil

With a naturally-derived formula, it constitutes majorly of hemp extract of full-spectrum blended with MCT oil that is derived from coconut.

Each CBD oil bottle size features different strengths: 15mL with 500mg CBD (33mg/mL), 30mL with 1500mg CBD (50mg/mL) and 30mL with 5000mg CBD (166.67mg/mL). The 500mg bottle is priced at $45, 1500mg at $130 and 5000mg at $330.

CBD Chews

HealthworxCBD also produces CBD gummies. Many review show a particular preference for these  Gummies, it can be easily consumed without the hassles of dealing with a mouthful of oil. They can be chewed with relative ease.

Their Gummies are very tasty, simple, containing 30mg of CBD per gummy. This comes to show the moderate concentration of cannabidiol in each gummy. They are comprised of CBD isolate and, as such, wholly ridden of THC. These gummies are good for treating anxiety as well.

CBD Capsules

They also produce CBD capsules, another discreet method of taking CBD. These capsules are full-spectrum and contain a range of beneficial cannabinoids. They are available in 125mg ($16), 250mg ($30), 750mg ($90) and 1500mg bottles ($150).

Healthworx CBD Chews

The 750mg bottle, for instance, contains 25mg per capsule. These full-spectrum capsules are superior to the isolate gummies in the sense that they have produced more noticeable positive results on the health. The capsules contain low levels of THC – within standard requirements.

CBD Topicals

If you are looking to improve the condition of your skin with the use of CBD, HealthworxCBD Topical is your best bet. They offer five different products, including massage oil, muscle gel, rescue butter, lip balm, as well as barrier balm.

HealthworxCBD claims of making use of CBD extract ridden of THC or full-spectrum for their CBD Cream cannot be easily verified. This is because these products are all missing third-party Certificate of Analysis (COA) documents to back these claims.

Healthworx CBD Topical

Each of these topical products is directly applied to the skin and massaged appropriately. All except the massage oil and lip balm contain 500mg CBD. The massage oil and lip balm feature 250mg and 50mg, respectively.

Petworx CBD 

For the well-being of your pets, HealthworxCBD offers CBD pet oil options to help keep them in good health. The pet-sector is one particular area that most CBD companies have been exploiting in recent years.

The Petworx CBD has been confirmed as a perfect choice to offer the benefits of CBD to your pets. Essentially, it is the same THC-free, CBD isolates oil that they has made available for humans. There are only a few modifications to make it efficient for pets.

Petworx CBD

This oil features a 15mL tincture with 600mg of CBD. Even though the resulting CBD potency of 13.33mg/mL is not so high, it should be enough for most pets. The perceived efficacy can be attributed to their small size and high sensitivity to cannabis. The 600mg bottle is priced at $59.99.

CBD Vape Oil 

Their CBD Vape Oil is made available for vape-lovers. There are a variety of vape oils on offer, including those made with MCT oil, CBD, additional terpenes, and also a small quantity of CBDV. The CBDV is a naturally produced minor cannabinoid hemp plant.

Each of these oils is made to be utilized in separate vaporizers and comes in a 15mL bottle with 1000mg CBD. Hence, they have a reasonably high level of CBD potency.

Vape Oil 

These E-liquids can be found in a wide range of THC-free terpene flavors based on medical cannabis strains like the Gorilla Glue. The 1000mg CBD bottle is priced at $59.99.

CBD Vape Pen

For the ultimate CBD vaping experience, CBD Vape Pen is recommended. Beginner vapers mostly use it. They also sells disposable, pre-filled CBD vape pens, for the maximum satisfaction of its customers.

These pens take away all the painful hassles than come with vaping. With the pens, there is no need for keeping batteries charged, replacing burnt-out coils, or refilling tanks. These are all for the benefit of the consumers.

Vape Pen

Just like Healthworx’s cartridges, the vape pens contain broad-spectrum CBD extract, TEC Temper, and a specific blend of terpenes. The pen is available in 300mg, priced at $34.99. The cost per mg CBD is $0.12.

Where Can I Buy? 

To get these CBD products, head over to the company’s official website to place your order. They have a well-optimized site that can easily be navigated to give users the best shopping experience.

The costs of these products are tagged against them. Also, these products are very pocket-friendly and are very affordable for the average American. Once your order is placed, your product will be delivered between 3-7 working days. Also, the shipping of your product can be tracked directly on the website.

There are a couple of local retailers spread moderately across the country. You can easily walk up to these outlets to purchase your desired products. It’s as easy as it comes.

Customer Review 

Generally, users have expressed delight and satisfaction in the working effects of the Healthworx CBD products. The reviews from customers are excellent and impressive.

Many have praised the products for its remarkable relief to pain, stress, depression, and the likes. Some have praised the remarkable healing effect it has on headaches, skin acne, and freckles, fibromyalgia, among others.

However, there are growing concerns about the lack of third-party testing results for these products. Healthworx’s rivals are making a strong claim, using this as a means to sabotage the brand.

Even though they do not have relevant third-party lab test results to prove the efficacy of their products, customer reviews confirm that the Healthworx CBD products are incredibly beneficial to the state of our health and well-being.


HealthworxCBD seems to be a brand of worth. Every single step they have taken to ensure the supreme quality of each of its products is provided for consumer review. Majorly, this is reflected in the lab results obtained. These results provide a summary of the dominating cannabinoids that can be found in each product.

From the facts mentioned above, it can be averred that the HealthworxCBD has some of the best CBD products across the country. As such, they are worth giving a try.