Gut Health and Sex Drive: The Link Between Gut Health And Libido


Constipation and a bloated stomach are the most uncomfortable gut disorders that can affect you. These disorders will not affect your work productivity and but also your sex drive. Most people do not realize that gut problems can affect their sex drive. Today we are going to look at the relationship between your gut health and sex drive to give you more insights into this matter. The main inter-relationship between your gut and sex drive is the bacteria in your gut. You may be wondering what the relationship between the two is. Here are some of the facts that talk more about this co-relationship. 

The main relationship between gut health and sex drive 


The main work of your bacteria in your gut is to ensure that the food is well digested. However, these bacteria will do much more than ensuring proper digestions. The probiotics (good bacteria) produce other hormones such as serotonin that foster the normal body functioning. This chemical is responsible for sending the sex mood to your brain. If the chemical level is down, you will have a low sex drive. 

However, if the levels are high, you will have a wonderful experience. This is one of the reasons why to ensure that your gut remains healthy. For a healthier gut, make sure you improve your diet by taking more veggies, whole grains, as well as fruits. These foods will promote the development of the good bacteria, which in turn produces more serotonin enabling you to have sexual experiences that are more thrilling. 

Increased levels of serotonin allow for more blood flow to your reproductive organs, which causes a lot of excitement in these areas, leading to expansion and contraction of the muscles of the genital. When the muscles of the genital are excited, the sex is always good. If you are a woman who has problems having orgasms, then you need to improve your diet. 

Leaking Gut

A leaking gut will also make your sex drive low. A leaky gut develops when bacteria or substances that they produce gets into your bloodstream. The immune system treats the bacteria along with the substance they produce as a foreign maker, which needs to be removed. Serotonin is one of the chemicals produced by the bacteria, which may get into the bloodstream. When it is destroyed, it means that is depleted from your body, resulting in low sex drive. 

Additionally, when your body is attacking the foreign matter, there is a high chance of harming your small intestines. Some of the drugs that lead to leaky guts are aspirin. Try to avoid these medications as much as possible as they cause the swelling of the small intestines, and this could lead to serious complications that automatically deny you the pleasure during sex.
gut health and sex drive

Avoid The Antibiotics 

Antibiotics medications are also not good for your digestive system. The main reason for taking the antibiotics is to clear the infections caused by bacteria. These medications will do a good job in clearing the infections. However, they do not know the difference between the good and the bad bacteria. Clearing all the bacteria, good and bad will mean there is a low level of serotonin, and low levels of serotonin mean limited sex drive. 

Additionally, the research has shown that prolonged use of antibiotics will do more harm than good. Instead of eliminating the disease-causing bacteria, they will start multiplying them. The bad bacteria do not coexist well with the good bacteria. This means that the increase in the bad bacteria will lead to a decrease of the good bacteria. This goes without saying, a limited number of good bacteria will affect serotonin production leading to no or little interest in sex. 

Gut Health and Sex Drive: How to Use Antibiotics 

Antibiotics are useful or your health when taken in moderation. Only use them when there is a need. By so doing you will minimize the risk or remove all the good bacteria from your gut. Eating a healthy diet and reducing the intake of the antibiotics will promote a good balance for a healthier gut and high sex drive. Besides, having a healthy diet will not only help you in improving your sex life, but it also allows you to keep your body weight in check. 

Gut Health and Sex Drive: Conclusion 

With the facts that clearly define the relationship between gut health and sex drive, we hope that you have the right information to help you to improve your sex life. Start practicing these tips but do not be too hard on yourself. Take one step at a time, and you will notice the difference.