FAB CBD Review: Things You Should Know About The Brand


With the CBD industry gaining traction in recent years, FAB CBD has etched their name in gold as one of the best brands. Manufactured from Hemp products, they are known for churning out some of the best CBD oil in the game.

Stress levels within the American community have skyrocketed, with many turning to opioids for relief. These are known to be very addictive drugs. However, FAB CBD offer better alternatives to opioids with their ever-green CBD oil drops.

There have been so many debates surrounding the efficacy of FAB CBD products. This review presents an eye-opener to discover whether FAB can actually improve your health, or if it’s just ‘another’ CBD brand.

Who is FAB CBD?

The CBD industry is still considered a budding one. As such, established in 2017, FAB CBD is an ‘old hand.’ They comprise a group of health-conscious individuals who are hell-bent on creating a reputable CBD brand.

In this unregulated industry, garnering sufficient facts about a particular brand before using them is very important. FAB CBD has no problem in this regard, having received great reviews from users over the years.

Being in the game for over three years, FAB CBD is known for producing high-quality products without gimmicks or hype. They are currently ranked among the best CBD oil in various publications. Also, they have garnered over ten thousand customers. This comes to shows that they are headed in the right direction.

Furthermore, FAB CBD takes pride in the content of its products, its Lab Report section confirming its positive result in the authenticity test. The oil contains minimal THC and large amounts of CBD, which is in line with standard proportions.

For the record, the tests are carried out by the reputable ProVerde Laboratories. As confirmed by their tests, 1200mg of natural CBD oil drops contain 36.28mg of CBD per ml. Also, the THC level is found to constitute about 0.22% – well below the standard limit.

For clarity, the FAB CBD range is stated below:

  • Stocked with terpenes
  • Free from pesticides
  • Quality tested and non-GMO
  • Full-spectrum (oils and topicals)
  • 100% organically and naturally grown in Colorado.

Josh Delaney founded this brand with the mission statement of “creating a CBD shopping experience that helps its customers feel comfortable rather than confused.” They are well on track!

FAB CBD Product Highlights 

CBD Oil 

Known for its potency and pocket-friendly prices, the CBD oil drops come in four different strength variants: 

  • 300mg – $39
  • 600mg – $59
  • 1200mg – $99
  • 2400mg – $129

As has become the norm, you get better value for your money with bigger bottles.

Interestingly, FAB has cut-down immensely on its prices. Some have it that they offer reduced rates because of their already massive status in the industry. Others claim that these enticing prices are a way of keeping up in a somewhat competitive market.

Fabcbd Oil Bottle

The results of CBD oil drops for the relief of anxiety have been remarkable. A dose an hour before going to bed guarantees you quality-assured sleeping time. It also ensures that you wake up feeling refreshed and raring to go ahead with the hassles of the day.

FAB CBD oil drops are available in five flavors including Citrus, Natural, and Mint, Berry and Vanilla.

CBD Chews 

If you find you have been having too much of the oil drops, the FAB CBD Chews are a great alternative. Apart from being very subtle to take, they are also super tasty. They are manufactured without dyes or additive; all flavors are completely natural. 

Every 40z bottle features 30 chews, each of which contains 25mg of CBD, an ideal proportion for everyday use. More impressively, the CBD Chews are ridden of THC, leaving mental effects out of the picture. Also, they are vegan products.

Fabcbd Gummies

Each tube of chews contains 750mg of CBD, priced at $59, and features a selection of fruit flavours. Its ingredients include citric acid, pectin, and sugar. Finally, these chews are produced in a fish gelatine facility. 

It is very useful as a sedative. It works just as well as the CBD oil drops and is more convenient. Chewing one an hour before bed will give you the best sleep you have had in years.

CBD Topical 

This product is used primarily for the treatment of chronic body pain. For maximum effectiveness, FAB recommends rubbing it directly on the affected area and massaging intensely. FAB CBD Topical is more efficient than orally-ingested CBD because the cream is absorbed directly through the skin.

Each tube contains 600mg of CBD and is priced at $49. Its ingredients include cocoa butter, chamomile, aloe Vera, and olive oil. Their CBD Topical work faster than regular painkillers and are considered much safer for use.

Fab CBD - topical

For proper storage of the product, it should be kept in a dark and cold cupboard, for no more than one year. With a subtle blood orange scent, it slightly disguises the natural light and earthy smell of the CBD.

CBD Dog Treats 

FAB CBD provides their CBD dog treats with the following names: Skin & Coat (Chicken), Active Immune (Salmon), and Calm & Cool (Peanut Butter Apple). Wheat-free, they are comprised of an oat base and broad-spectrum hemp product extract. Each treat has 3mg worth of CBD.

A 255g bag is priced at about $34. Also, all three flavours can be purchased together in a bundle pack for no more than $87.

Fab CBD - pet treat

Depending on the size and strength of your dog, FAB has a list of dosing recommendations to ensure proper administration:

  • Less than 10 Pounds: 5 treats.
  • 10-25 Pounds: 1 treat.
  • 26-50 Pounds: 5 treats.
  • 50+ Pounds: 2 treats.

When administering the treats, it is important to start with a smaller dose before working your way up. This is to prevent giving your dog an overdose, which could lead to death. If it becomes evident that low doses are ineffective for your dogs, it is advised to check in with a holistic vet.

Working in tandem with the veterinary doctor, you can determine the perfect dose for your dog. 

Green Plus Superfoods 

Available in two flavors, Cocoa Crisp and Citrus Mojito, these products come in a 30-serving pack priced at $79. Also, one of each can be bought for $142. It is very effective in boosting energy and removing harmful toxins from the body.

It is a double action superfood with the remarkable ability to repair damaged DNA and cells in the human body. It is useful in the treatment of tumors and cancer, as it is anti-viral. In fact, it has more inflammatory power than Vitamin C. Also, it is comprised of powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and superior in anti-oxidants.

Fab CBD - Super green food

This comes to show how remarkable the Green plus Superfood is to the human health as it is used in curing various illnesses. It also gives us anti-bodies to fight disease-causing organisms.

Its ingredients include Porphyrin, bio-chelated iron, antioxidants, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), potassium, Vitamin E, SOD and B-Carotene. 

Do They Have Any Other Products? 

Yes, they do. Recently, FAB CBD expanded its reach into the CBD for pets sphere. With its dog treat produce, they have made provisions for the health and fitness of your pets.

One of its other new products gaining massive traction is the CBD Vape Pen, available for about $39. Comprised of 250mg of high-quality CBD, it is a disposable vaporizer. Rather than introducing VG or PG into the pen, it is blended using MCT oil.

Where Can I Buy FAB CBD Products? 

For your purchase of these FAB CBD products, it is recommended shopping on the official FAB CBD online store. According to their terms, every delivery will be made within 3-7 working days, regardless of wherever you may be located in the country. From user experience, they never exceed this delivery timeline.

Because of its use of the USPS tracking service, it is often difficult to track the delivery of your product. Also, FAB CBD has a 30-day refund policy in place, which guarantees your money back if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

There is an option to create a new FAB CBD account on the official website. Once registered, there is a reward program on offer to assist customers in saving their money for future purposes.

Finally, there are FAB CBD shops and outlets all around the country, from which these products can easily be purchased.


As can be seen, FAB CBD is streets ahead of their counterparts in the cannabidiol industry. Although they are very similar to other CBD brands, they are considered superiors. This is due to their expertise in the field of health and fitness.

Following an in-depth study of the pharmaceutical companies over the years, FAB CBD has realized that most Americans have fallen prey to the evil claws of pills addiction, unhealthy lifestyles, and obesity. As such, they established the company to help combat these problems.

They do not see their CBD products as some ‘miracle cure.’ Instead, they believe their ever-green and efficient products should be a means for a healthy lifestyle.