To begin easy, let me start by echoing the commonly-held sentiments that dieting can be extremely difficult. Finding healthy substitutes for the foods you love should be the main objective whenever you try to attempt to make a change in your nutrition. You need dieting and nutrition you can stick with and enjoy, not something you will dread. This is why we chose to review 310 Shakes. Advertised as a low-calorie meal replacement shake, 310 shakes present themselves as a tasty and healthy alternative to meals that would otherwise have high calories and high fat. We’ll give you the 310 Shake review you need to figure out if this product is for you.


310 Shakes win here, since they are definitely not lacking in the nutrition department. The shake contains all-natural ingredients, 15 grams of blended protein, and it is also gluten free. It is a high fiber shake, containing 5 grams of hunger quenching fiber that will leave you full and nourished. You no longer have to reach for that greasy hamburger to fill you up, you can just grab one of these shakes.

And guess what? 310 Shakes can serve as a healthy snack even after exercising or weight lifting due to its low calories and high protein makeup. All-natural ingredients, low calories, high protein, high fiber, and gluten free, what’s not to like? But not too fast, here’s the one caveat, 310 shakes present no clinical trials or backed research that proves the effectiveness of its claims. However, there are many testimonials who say that 310 shakes have done wonders for them. Just visit their site and you will find numerous testimonials showing people that lost more than 10 pounds after going on a diet centered around drinking these weight-loss shakes.


It is intensely difficult to stick to a diet or nutrition plan you don’t enjoy, if you hate what you eat you always find moments where you are craving to revert back to your old diet. 310 shakes come in salted caramel, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and vegan chocolate and vanilla flavors in an attempt to satisfy some of those cravings. There is nothing special about 310 Shakes as far as taste goes. When combined with other ingredients to create a nutritional shake, it can be very tasty. Some users love the flavors, and others not so much. 310 shake reviews vary when it comes to its taste satisfaction, but for the most part they are good.


310 Shakes can be pretty pricey at almost $2.50 a serving, but as a consumer it is important to understand that pricing is mostly determined by the value and benefits that a product provides. There are plenty of weight-loss and nutritional shakes out there but many of them are missing one or more of the healthy elements that 310 shakes provide. Some may have high fiber, but they contain soy protein, others may have all natural ingredients but they may not provide the necessary fiber to have you feeling full, but these shakes contain all those healthy elements and its benefits.

On their website, 310 Nutrition prices its highly coveted product at $68.00. Seems like a lot doesn’t it? But in order to determine if the price is worth it we need to do the math and determine the value. Each 310 Shake pack contains 28 servings, and it is advised that you eat up to 2 servings a day, or 1 serving per meal. That makes each serving cost a little more than $1.21, and it would total up $2.43 a day if you eat 2 servings as advised. $2.43 for 2 meals a day, doesn’t sound bad at all now does it? 310 Shake definitely provides good value as far as pricing goes.


Healthy, all-natural, and with numerous testimonials of people who have lost weight, 310 shakes seems to be a good choice for anyone that wishes to lose some pounds or transition towards having a better nutritional plan. There are some negatives though. These products are a bit pricey, have no scientific-backed research or clinical trials done to prove their claims, and many users have expressed that the taste isn’t as good as it is advertised. But for anyone looking to lose weight there is no harm in trying, 310 shakes are definitely a million times better compared to that greasy hamburger or that deep fried chicken. Good luck on all your health goals, we hope you enjoyed our all-encompassing 310 shake review and buyer’s guide.