Best Detox Teas: Best Brands, Benefits, Side Effects and More


From adverts to social media posts, detox teas are all over the web. Drinking these beverages promise to cleanse your system and improve weight loss. These products are considered safe because most of them contain herbal extracts. This article provides a review of detox teas, their benefits, and side effects.

What’s a Detox Tea?

It’s a tea that contains herbal ingredients. Detox tea contains compounds that help to nourish the liver. It facilitates the clearance of toxins and wastes. Overall, detox is designed to help users reach their weight loss and health goals.

Best Detox Teas in the Market

The type of detox tea that you choose is important. If you need better and quick results with long-term effects, then you need a detox tea that contains the right ingredients. You don’t want to drink detox tea for months with inconsistent benefits. To assist you in choosing the right teatox, below are the best detox teas reviews.

310 Tea

310 Tea

This detox tea claims to burn even the most stubborn abdominal fat. 310 Tea works by suppressing the appetite. The detox and cleanse teatox helps to remove wastes from the body, making it easier to drop excess pounds. The main and active ingredient that’s found in this detox tea is an extract of the green tea. This ingredient helps to increase the rate of metabolism and effectively stimulates the burning of fat. The teatox claims to clear your internal system, removing all the wastes that have stuck with you for years. Other ingredients include ginger, organic rooibos, organic green tea, and the oolong wu yi.



This is one of the best detox tea for weight loss. BooTea is a preservative-free teatox that contains natural ingredients. They include Fennel seeds, Ginseng root, lemongrass, mate leaves, dandelion leaf, ginger root, and many others.

The detox works under two programs. The Daytime detox and the bedtime cleanse. The daytime detox helps to suppress the appetite, leading to a lower amount of calorie intake. Besides that, it also boosts the rate of metabolism leading to the burning of body fat. The bedtime cleanse has laxative effects. The herbal ingredients in this detox help to improve the cleansing of the colon, flushing out toxins. According to the manufacturer, Bootea should be taken before sleeping in order to prevent the calories consumed from being converted to fat.



This is a 28-day detox and cleanse program that is designed to improve the wellness of the user. SkinnyMint works under two plans: There is a morning boost that is used to increase energy levels in the body. This teatox plan is meant to help you to start your day on a high note. The morning boost SkinnyMint Teatox contains Guarana, Green Tea, and the Yerba Mate. It has a sweet and fruity taste.

The Night Cleanse is designed to help you purify the body in a natural way. It helps to reduce bloating and it contains ingredients that promote digestive health. Night Cleanse is a perfect evening ritual that should be taken every other night. It contains active ingredients such as psyllium seed, lemongrass, ginger root, hawthorn berry, orange leaf, and licorice root.


SkinnyFit Tea

According to the manufacturer, SkinnyFit is a teatox that will not only help to cleanse your system but it will also help you to reach your weight loss goals faster. It is claimed that is one of the detox teas that contain powerful ingredients that lead to overall improved wellness. SkinnyFit is the best detox tea for removing harmful wastes from the body.

The 100-percent plant-based detox tea helps to promote good health by burning calories, cleansing, detoxifying, increasing energy levels in the body, and suppressing appetite, among others. The preservative-free include ingredients such as senna leaf, ginseng, tea leaves, cinnamon bark, and many more.

FlatTummy Tea

FlatTummy Tea

Regarded as one of the best detox tea that’s herbal-based. FlatTummy doesn’t only promote weight loss, but it works with your digestive system leading to improved absorption of nutrients. It’s claimed that this teatox helps to boost energy levels in the body. It’s also a metabolism booster that improves fat-burning.

From the best detox tea reviews, Flat Tummy tea works by two processes. The activating process contains about ten organic ingredients which include extracts from green tea. Lemon balm, cleavers, licorice, dandelion, etc. help to support metabolism, increase energy levels, and enhance the functions of the digestive system.

The cleansing process involves ingredients such as peppermint, dandelion root. Licorice, senna, and caraway seed, etc. which help to detoxify the intestinal tract, leading to loss of water weight. Note that the activate detox is usually done in the morning while cleanse is taken in the evening.


MateFit Tea

It’s a 28-day detox that helps you to quickly reach your weight loss goals. MateFit contains a Licorice root. Oolong tea, guarana seed, gunpowder tea, yerba mate, and angelica root extract. MateFit has a very strong flavor with a citrus-like minty taste.

The metabolic booster helps to naturally increase the levels of energy in the body. Besides that, it suppresses appetite and accelerates fat-burning. MateFit is also full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. The detox tea helps to remove radicals and toxins from the body and to fight off diseases.

Lyfe Tea

Best Detox Teas - Lyfe Tea

It’s a natural detox that aims to improve the health conditions of the user. Lyfe Tea is prepared with various medicinal herbs and it is claimed to have numerous health benefits. The 14 or 28-day detox is usually taken twice daily. It’s working mechanism based on improving the immune system, digestive health, boosting energy levels, and the rate of metabolism.

The tea flushes out wastes or toxins from the body, helping consumers to stay refreshed and energized the whole day. The active ingredients found in this tea include senna leaf, green tea, moringa oleifera, guarana, yerba mate, and ginger.

Teami Skinny

Best Detox Teas - Teami Skinny Tea

Teami Skinny tea is known for its natural and sustainable source of energy that lasts all day long. This delicious teatox helps to boost the process of metabolism and reduce food contains the lotus leaf, Jiao Guam, yerba mate, ginger root, oolong tea, rhubarb root, and lime leaf extract.

Teami Skinny has a sweet flavor. It’s a great replacement for your morning cup of tea since it provides a natural energy boost. It’s a cost-effective tea that helps the user to meet their budget. A teaspoon of the tea can be used up to a maximum of three times. All you need to do is to add water to your cup.

Fit Tea

Best Detox Teas - Fit Tea

It’s an organic-based detox tea that’s made in the US. Fit tea is a non-GMO teatox that is gluten and soy-free. It contains ingredients such as Oolong tea, green tea, ginger, garcinia Cambogia, stevia, and pomegranate.

Fit Tea helps to lower the production of the “bad” cholesterol. It’s a crazy energy booster that promotes the metabolic rate. The diuretic contains antioxidants which help to flush out toxins from the body. Additionally, it aides the removal of water weight, making you to slim down within weeks. The appetite suppressor prevents the storage of excess fat by limiting the body’s calorie intake. Instead of using glucose for energy, it forces the body to use fat.


Best Detox Teas - Bae tea

This is a detox and cleanses tea that contains herbal ingredients. According to the manufacturer, Baetea contains all-natural ingredients which include stevia, pomegranate, oolong wu yi, ginger root, guarana, rooibos tea, and green tea. It works by increasing energy levels in the body, enhancing metabolism, and flushing out toxins from the body.

Baetea is one of the best detox tea for calming and cleansing your body. Although it suppresses appetite by promoting fullness, it aids the digestion of food. The energy booster is also effective in elevating a good mood.

Best Detox Teas: Benefits of Detox Tea

Detox tea is beverages that are designed to cleanse the body especially the intestinal tract. Most of them contain stimulants which help to boost the rate of metabolism. They contain laxative and diuretic ingredients that promote the loss of water weight. Taking detox tea provides the following benefits:

  • Removal of toxins along the digestive tract.
  • Suppressing appetite and reducing unhealthy cravings.
  • Improved bowel movements
  • Natural sources of high energy levels

Best Detox Teas: Side Effects of Detox Tea

Detox teas are not 100 percent safe. They contain a wide variety of plant-based extracts and synthetic ingredients which may result in various side effects. Besides that, they should be used as directed and only for the short term. Some of the potential side effects of taking detox tea include:

  • Dehydration

Ingredients such as the senna leaves are laxative agents. They promote weight loss by increasing the removal of water weight. Besides that, they enhance bowel movements and this easily leads to dehydration. Increased diarrhea and urine may lead to various health problems.

  • Nutrient Deficiency and Electrolyte Imbalances

By promoting water loss, detox teas lead to electrolyte imbalance. By suppressing appetite and reducing calorie intake, detox teas lead to nutrient deficiencies. The overall effect is a weak body of multiple health complications.

  • Low blood pressure

Note that if you are suffering from cardiovascular disease and take products that promote water loss, the compounding effect is lower blood pressure. The user may end up experiencing a feeling of dizziness and they may be susceptible to fainting.

Conclusion of Best Detox Teas

There is no doubt that taking detox comes with so many benefits. Your external physical appearance will improve thanks to fast weight loss. However, this teatox should be used with a lot of caution. Additionally, they are only good for the short term.