Hello, welcome to Alcopaz.org. We believe that the body is a temple and it should be taken care of with the respect that it deserves. I personally began this blog in 2016 to promote healthy living in a way that is sustainable for the busy citizen living on the fast lane and on a shoestring. Over the years I have grown the team into a complete collection of professionals with wide and varied experience in the fields of nutrition, dietetics, fitness, dermatology, hair care and medicine. This blog was created for the everyday person by everyday people to help you make everyday life healthy, happy and productive. We hope to achieve just that.


At Alcopaz.org we aim to be a one-stop blog for all things health. We have sections for nutrition, dietetics, natural home remedies and general medicine, healthy recipes, skin care, hair care and so on… I think you’ll agree that finding information online about healthy living can be one of the hardest tasks out there. Sure, there are great blogs on fitness, great blogs on nutrition and good recipes and a plethora of sites on general care for your body. But if you really wanted a wholesome life, you’d be hard put to follow each and every one of these sites. You can’t just stay fit without eating well, and having the greatest body in the world doesn’t count for anything if you don’t take care of the nitty gritty details like your skin and your hair. You also need general medical advice about how to treat some simple ailments at home. An arcade-type site with all of these is our solution and we sincerely hope it is the right solution for you.

Our team is composed of me, a medical doctor, a dietician, a fitness professional, a dermatologist, a home remedies specialist, a nutritionist and a culinary expert. Together we do in-depth research on our articles and write them for the everyday person. Now it’s possible to get the full monty as far as caring for your body is concerned! We hope you enjoy. We’re also available for a chat. If you’d like to contact us, do not hesitate to do so.