About Alcoholics Anonymous: A Brief History of the Organization


The alcoholics’ addicts now find reasons to smile following the many fellowship programs that attempt to tame their problems. Addiction is a problem and will need proper handling, which is why joining fellowship programs such as Alcoholics anonymous can be a significant milestone for you. You don’t need any documentation to join this, and therefore the membership is open for anyone wishing to transit from addiction to everyday life.

Many associated issues will result after the transition from addiction to everyday life. How will you recover and reconstruct into someone that everyone admires? It may prove quite a challenge, but you can solve it quickly when you have an organization like Alcoholics anonymous that lays down 12 steps for an easy transition!

What Is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)?

So, what is Alcoholics anonymous? What do they do? It is an international organization that entails individuals who have been struggling with drinking, but they now have something to motivate those who now want to change. Members are responsible for the running of the organization and therefore operate independently with no other outside funding. AA is an organization that does not have any affiliation with any political or religious organization but solely works to help those people struggling with drinking.

The primary goal of the organization is to promote sobriety by encouraging the suffering alcoholics. As the name suggests, the members remain anonymous to remove any stigmatization or identification, enabling a lively and quick recovery.

The Founders of AA

It was the work of hopeless alcoholics in 1935 who began the program that is now helping millions to achieve sobriety and serenity. Bill W, who was then a stockbroker in those days, had issues with alcoholism, and he decides to stop helping people after realizing that it was the only way he could maintain his sobriety. He travels in 1935 to fight proxies after staying sober for five months, but he fails.

It did not go well with Bill W, and he gets back to drinking at the Mayflower hotel. He then realizes that he needs to fight this with other alcoholics. He calls various people, and he gets introduced to Akron Surgeon, who was called Dr. Bob.

The two men had their meeting on May 12, 1935. Dr. Bob immediately gets sober, and he stops the habit of drinking. On June 10, 1935. They then grow bodies that later develops into a movement that is now changing millions of people.

Basics of Alcoholics Anonymous 

The birth of the Alcoholics anonymous in 1935, let to the formation of the rules that govern them after attracting thousands of people. The organization thrived by following absolute basics as highlighted below;

  • First, alcoholic programs is a 12 steps recovery program that attempts to treat people from alcohol abuse and addiction
  • The participants will follow a set of steps that helps them achieve and maintain abstinence.
  • The members define the intervention of the higher power and do not necessarily imply God
  • They hold their meetings in public places such as schools and churches. Sessions can be for all or while others are strictly for the prospective AA members
  • Membership is free, and you only need to have that desire to stop drinking.
  • You also need to be an alcoholic to join, though other people can attend open meetings.

12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous 

Now that we know the basics of the AA, it will be useful to briefly highlight the Alcoholic anonymous 12 steps or instead steps that will guide you in the alcohol detoxification process.

  • First, the alcoholics admitted that they are powerless over alcohol and that their lives are unmanageable
  • Members agree that power greater than themselves can restore them to sanity
  • Members agree to turn there will and ability to eh care of God even as they understand him
  • The members started creating and searching for a fearless inventory about themselves
  • The Alcoholics anonymous members admit their nature of wrongs to God and their fellows
  • Members agree on the readiness to allow the mighty(higher power) to remove their defects
  • The members humbly ask God to remove their defects
  • They list the names of all people they have wronged, and they acknowledge their willingness to correct it.
  • Members agree to immediately correct such errors that affect others, unless it may bring more harm in an attempt to fix it
  • he alcoholics team keeps on keeping their inventory and amending the wrongs as it arises
  • members improve their Contact with God through meditation and prayer and only praying for knowledge of his will to accord them the power to carry it out
  • Members agree to carry the message to other alcoholics and to practice the principles in all their dealings.

Is AA for You? 

An alcohol detoxification program is not for everyone considering it is a faith-based program. Alcoholics anonymous will only benefit the people who are alcohol addicts. It has a spiritual aspect that makes it a stumbling block for even the alcoholics wishing to stop it. You can be sure to get an adequate solution when you attend 90 meetings in 90 days, which is considered a sufficient dose.

How to Join Alcoholics Anonymous

Do you wish to join Alcoholics anonymous? The procedure is simple; you only need to acknowledge that you have a drinking problem and desire to stop it. You only check out for their meetings, and if it impresses you, you consider yourself a member.

What Happens at an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting?

Alcoholics anonymous meetings often happen in public places where it is accessible and has lots of parking, such as churches, schools, or even the coffee shops.

There are two types of meeting that is a closed and open meeting. The meeting format and rules depend on a kind of discussion.

  • Speaker meetings involve members sharing alcohol abuse experiences, how they found the program and the recovery processes. It focuses more on listening and sharing.
  • Step meetings are where each member will discuss one step of the 12 alcoholics anonymous steps.
  • The discussion meeting involves singling out one member who gives a concise speech about their struggles with drinking and then leads a discussion about recovery and any issue related to drinking.

A meeting can either be an open or close meeting. During the available sessions, everyone is welcome. Hence it includes both alcoholics and non-alcoholics. The open meetings allow people to learn more about AA.

Closed meetings will only involve alcoholics or prospective AA members. They may have both the discussion and the speaker meetings. The 12 steps meetings are often closed because it primarily deals with the alcoholics.

Effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous

The effectiveness of the system will depend on how effective is your compliance with the rules. According to the AA statistics, only 5% of the members reach success after 12 months. There are no insights on whether it is the 12 steps that yield s the results.

What Is The Success Rate?

It is tough to measure the success rate of the AA. Therefore. it is essential to note the fellowship is an anonymous thing, and therefore not comfortable reaching out to real people with real success stories for the company. Defining success is quite challenging because of the free membership. The alcoholics anonymous big book claims a 50% success rate where the remaining 25% remains sober after relapsing.

In brief

  • 24% of the AA members sobriety remains between 1 to 5 years
  • 27% remains sober for less than a year
  • 22% of the AA members stay sober for 20 years or more
  • 13% remains in sobriety between 5 and 10 years
  • 14% will remain sober for 10 to 20 years

It is important to note that the results may contain some bias. It is the reason we have varying effects concerning sobriety. Some studies even suggest that the sobriety success story is below 10%. This validates the argument that measuring the AA success rate is entirely uphill. Still, at least there are some success stories and the increasing number of members, suggesting a success story from referrals.


To conclude, it is not worth struggling with addiction. It is better to try means that can yield better results. Alcoholics Anonymous is a great organization that can help you without exposing your issues. You only need it to check on their meetings, and if it impresses you, it is because you have your answers there.

The free membership is a significant milestone that has seen it grow in membership and millions of alcoholics now find refuge. You deserve it, especially if you are now miserable due to alcohol and substance abuse. Alcoholic anonymous has been in existence since 1935. There must be a reason that keeps it thriving to date, therefore you should not fear it.