When starting a new weight loss plan, one of the most important things is staying on track. It can be difficult to stick to a calorie deficit diet or a low carb diet, but with a 310 shake, this becomes so much easier to do. I will explain to you why 310 shakes will become your “dieting BFF”, and why I personally think that they are a cut above the rest. 

So, what are the common reasons as to why people find it hard to stick to certain diets, and what can be done to make things easier?  The first thing that is a usual culprit for diet failure is hunger. When you are on a diet, sometimes the only thing you can think about is food. It keeps going around and around in your mind until you cave in and indulge with a less than desirable food. 

The reason why this happens is typically due to hunger. Hunger can get the best of even the strongest willed dieter, so to remove hunger from the equation is to remove failure from your diet. So, how does a 310 shake help remove hunger? It does so in several different ways, which I am about to explain below. 

The first way in which a 310 shake helps get rid of hunger is by its high protein content, which is made from 100% natural and wholesome plant-based sources. These range from pea protein to hemp protein and brown rice protein, all of which keep you feeling satiated for longer than normal. See, protein takes much longer to break down in the gut, so you are left hunger-free for extended periods of time. 

Of course, protein is also amazing for helping build and tone muscle mass, and plant-based proteins are also excellent fat burners. Each plant protein is absorbed at a slightly different rate too, which means you get a longer release of essential amino acids to help with muscle recovery and satiation. But it’s not only protein that prevents hunger; the more than adequate fiber per serving also goes a long way in keeping hunger well and truly at bay. 

When consumed, fiber absorbs liquid in the stomach and intestines and begins to swell. It takes on an almost jellylike appearance and prevents food from being absorbed too quickly. Think of it as a coffee filter; it allows the liquid and particles through, just at a slower and more controlled rate. Now, it is because of this slow absorption that the sugar levels of the body remain more consistent and stable. 

When your blood sugar levels are kept even and you eliminate spikes in them, then your body is much less likely to send out hunger signals for more of that quick release energy. This is exactly what you need from a weight loss shake, and this is exactly what 310 shakes will provide for you. You will also experience more energy and a better utilization of body fat for energy when using  a high-quality weight loss shake. 

The vitamins and minerals are also going to assist with the fat loss process. Think of them as the fuel for certain hormones that regulate the main functions of the body, such as the metabolism, the thyroid, and energy metabolization. When your body has all of the key vitamins and minerals, then it will be working at an enhanced pace, which is great news for fat loss.  

The addition of the greens blend with organic antioxidants and the probiotic, lactobacillus, all serve to work together and create a cleaner, healthier, and stronger digestive system. The better your body is able to digest and process its meals, the better your chances are of success. A sluggish intestinal track will only slow the exit of waste from the gut; this means that you are more likely to suffer from bloating and discomfort. 

Probiotics are fantastic at keeping the overall health and condition of your stomach in the best possible state. Having good bacteria will enable for better mineral and nutrient absorption. See, at the end of the day, a 310 shake is going to support your weight loss efforts and help you create a solid foundation for ongoing success.